Overview of the Slot Game Legend of the Sword

Gameburger Studio’s 9 Masks of Fire introduced a new type of gameplay that has since become a favorite among the Microgaming family of creators. The method of employing scatter symbols to activate rewards of increasing values seeps out of the workshop again and again, albeit in somewhat different guises each time. This time it’s been partnered with another slot staple: King Arthur and his noble set of warriors. You’ll have a fair sense of what to anticipate from Legend of the Sword if you’ve played 9 Masks or any of its clones. But developer Snowborn has tacked on a few of unusual features, so if you like to draw swords from scabbards, read on to find out what they are.

The grid for Legend of the Sword, which features 5 reels and 3,125 paylines, is shown on a scroll that takes up most of the screen. The payouts for seeing several Excalibur Scatters or collecting them during free spins are shown on a prize ladder to its left. Since the values are multiples of the wager, they adjust accordingly whenever the ante is altered. The rest of the display is taken up with scenes from the Arthurian legend, such as woods, mountains, and a precariously perched Camelot. A lush, chorus-led music and a few flashing spots on the screen enhance the mystical atmosphere. Does that look like fireflies or ghosts? In any case, they give an air of mystique that defies easy identification.

Legend of the Sword is a mobile, tablet, and desktop slot game with coin values ranging from 20 pence to £/€24 per spin. If you play the most generous version (96.12% RTP), which is not available everywhere, you can choose a less generous one (94.08% RTP) or no RTP at all (depending on the market). Legend of the Sword’s mathematical model is very volatile, thus anyone interested in these games should be informed that it only hits a winning combination 36.82% of the time.

When three or more identical symbols appear from left to right, beginning at any place other than the far left, a win is triggered. This delivers an unprecedented 3,125 possible outcomes, which is common in games of this type. The scatter swords are the ones you’re looking for, but the regular paying tiles are the four-card suits, followed by the shields, war helms, cups, and crowns. Five high-paying symbols in a row result in a payoff that is four to ten times the wager. The wild symbol may stand in for any other icon on the reels with the exception of the Excalibur Scatter and the Camelot Free Spins icons, which it cannot replace.

Slot Features in “Legend of the Sword”

Although the Excalibur Scatters feature is the major attraction, Legend of the Sword also has an unconventional set of free games. Landing 5 or more Excalibur Scatters will award you a cash prize in the main game. Cash prizes are 2, 5, 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 times the wager for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 scatters, respectively.

During the free spins bonus game, players have an increased chance of winning scatter rewards. The Camelot Free Spins bonus is activated when three Camelot symbols appear anywhere in the main game.

There are three spins to start the round. When an Excalibur Scatter lands, it is collected and the spin counter is reset. In addition, any ordinary ways win is multiplied by an additional 1 for every Excalibur Scatter that has been gathered. Following the conclusion of the bonus rounds, the total number of scattered symbols is tallied, and the corresponding prize is distributed as mentioned above.

The Slot Verdict from the Legend of the Sword

We get it, the 9 Masks of Fire stuff is popular among the Microgaming staff. Legend of the Sword is Snowborn’s third game in the format, giving it roughly half of their catalog. Following in the footsteps of scatter-based games like Egyptian Tombs and Coin Bash is Legend of the Sword. The supplemental features and overall themes have varied greatly amongst them. Legend of the Slot is similar to the slot machine Elven Gold from Just For The Win in terms of features. Both have a fantastical element, focus on scatter payouts, and provide the player with three free spins in a similar bonus round.

Legend of the Sword stands out because to its pay all-ways structure and win multiplier that activates during free spins. In theory, this should improve the odds of winning without scatter symbols during the free spins bonus round, but in practice, this hasn’t been the case. Fair enough, it looks like the lucky can win some significant amounts in these ways. The scatter bet multiplier, which may reach 10,000x, is always the primary attraction. But unless you get at least nine scatters, you shouldn’t count on being very rich.

If you’re seeking for a game that offers a moderate maximum payout relative to others in this genre, your best bet would be Legend of the Sword. It’s not the highest; Emerald Gold’s 25,000x top reward takes that honor — but Legend is a significant improvement over 9 Mask’s original 2,000x.

To get the most out of Legend of the Sword, you should still try to land as many scatters as possible. It’s not bad as examples go, and when you put all the pieces together, you get something a little out of the ordinary, at least for experts and devotees. Players who aren’t as invested in this genre of game or who have 9 Masks fatigue may not understand or be persuaded by the subtleties.

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